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I Quit Sympathy Cards and Retirement Cards a Year Ago. I Don’t Miss It.



In the realm of entrepreneurship, some ventures are not just about profits; they are about emotions, connections, and genuine human experiences. Sympathy cards and retirement cards, niches deeply rooted in personal sentiments, are prime examples. However, for some individuals, the emotional toll and demands of these niches can become overwhelming, prompting them to step away, as I did a year ago.

The Emotional Weight of Sympathy Cards

Sympathy cards are designed to offer comfort and solace during times of grief and loss. Crafting these cards requires a level of emotional understanding and empathy that can be emotionally draining. It means diving headfirst into the depths of sorrow, attempting to find the right words to console someone facing the unimaginable.

As someone who spent years in the sympathy card business, I can attest to the emotional toll it takes. Every card created was a journey into another person’s pain, a sincere attempt to provide a glimmer of light in their darkness. While it was rewarding in many ways, it was also emotionally exhausting.

The Celebratory Burden of Retirement Cards

On the flip side, retirement cards carry the weight of celebration and reflection. These cards mark the culmination of a career, a person’s transition into a new phase of life. While the emotions here are more joyful, they are no less complex. Crafting retirement cards means navigating through a myriad of feelings – nostalgia, excitement, and often, uncertainty.

After years of designing retirement cards, I found myself caught in the bittersweet whirlwind of others’ career milestones. While celebrating these accomplishments was undoubtedly gratifying, it also made me reflect on my own life and career, prompting questions about my own path.

The Decision to Step Away

The decision to step away from the world of sympathy cards and retirement cards was not taken lightly. It was a conscious choice to prioritize my own emotional well-being. Here’s what I’ve learned from this journey:

  1. Self-Care Matters: Empathy and emotional investment are essential in these niches, but they can’t come at the cost of your own mental and emotional health.
  2. Diverse Experiences: Leaving these niches allowed me to explore other creative and entrepreneurial avenues. It’s been a journey of self-discovery.
  3. The Impact Remains: While I may have left the business, the impact of those heartfelt cards on people’s lives remains. It’s a legacy I cherish.
  4. Life Balance: Finding a balance between work and personal life has become a priority. It’s a lesson I’ve carried forward into new ventures.

In Conclusion: A Personal Journey

Stepping away from sympathy cards and retirement cards was a personal journey toward self-preservation and life balance. While I don’t miss the emotional toll, I’ll forever cherish the connections made and the knowledge that these cards continue to bring comfort and joy to people’s lives. It’s a reminder that in entrepreneurship, as in life, sometimes you need to prioritize your own well-being to thrive and find new paths to explore.

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