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What resources are available on the Starbucks Partner Hub?


The Starbucks Partner Hub is a website that provides resources for Starbucks partners, including:

  • Benefits information: The Partner Hub has a comprehensive overview of all the benefits available to Starbucks partners, including health insurance, retirement savings, paid time off, and more.
  • Payroll information: Partners can use the Partner Hub to view their pay stubs, track their vacation and sick time, and enroll in direct deposit.
  • Training resources: The Partner Hub has a variety of training resources, including videos, articles, and quizzes. Partners can use these resources to learn about new products, procedures, and company policies.
  • Contact information: The Partner Hub has contact information for Starbucks HR, payroll, and other departments. Partners can use this information to get help with any questions or concerns they have.
  • Partner news and events: The Partner Hub has a news section that keeps partners up-to-date on company news, events, and promotions. Partners can also use the Partner Hub to connect with other partners and share their stories.

Here are some specific resources that are available on the Starbucks Partner Hub:

  • My Partner InfoMy Partner Info is a personalized portal where partners can access their pay stubs, vacation and sick time balances, and more.
  • PartnerNet: PartnerNet is a secure website where partners can access company policies, training materials, and other resources.
  • The Partner Hub App: The Partner Hub App is a mobile app that allows partners to access the Partner Hub resources on their smartphones and tablets.

The Starbucks Partner Hub is a valuable resource for Starbucks partners. It provides partners with the information and tools they need to be successful in their jobs.


What is the Starbucks Partner Hub?

The Starbucks Partner Hub is a website that provides resources for Starbucks partners, including benefits information, payroll information, training resources, contact information, and partner news and events.

How do I log in to the Starbucks Partner Hub?

You can log in to the Starbucks Partner Hub using your partner number and password. Your partner number is located on your pay stub. Your password can be reset if you forget it.

How can I get help with the Starbucks Partner Hub?

If you have any questions about the Starbucks Partner Hub, you can contact the Partner Contact Center at (888) SBUX-411 (7289-411). You can also find help on the Partner Hub website in the “Help” section.

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